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Mindfulness and meditation with Buteyko reduced breathing exercise

While the original Buteyko method has very little related to training of the mind or mindfulness, there were developments in this area. Breathing exercises are among first most ancient meditation techniques, as this page shows: Mindful meditating breathing

Patrick McKeown, a Buteyko teacher and practitioner from Ireland, developed mindfulness exercises combined with muscle relaxation and reduced breathing. Note that reduced breathing is the main exercise of the Buteyko method. This innovation (combining mindfulness with Buteyko exercises) can be found inPatrick McKeown’s products such as an audio file “Anxiety Free” which is a part of the Amazon book.

Use of cortisol

There were many other small and large innovations used in the NormalBreathing course to slow down one’s breathing and achieve higher morning body oxygen test results.

Dr. Andrey Novozshilov, MD, the chief physician of the Buteyko Clinic in Moscow provided some of the following ideas related to uses of cortisol and representation of reduced breathing on a chart.

How to use cortisol for breathing retraining and the Buteyko method, as well as how to dose cortisol and how to wean off cortisol, all these nuggets of wisdom can be found inDr. Andrey Novozshilov’s book “Living Without Asthma”.

Visual representation of reduced breathing

Dr. Andrey Novozshilov also expained how to represent reduced breathing exercise (the main breathing exercise of the Buteyko method) using a simple chart or diagram. The image is shown below.

Buteyko reduced breathing chart

In the video below, Dr. Artour Rakhimov described all these innovations related to mindfulness and meditation with Buteyko reduced breathing exercise, use of cortisol and other techniques